Book Review: Delilah’s Diary#1: A Sexy Journey

Book Review:  Delilah's Diary#1:  A Sexy JourneyDespite the somewhat cheesy title and zero cost, I expected this story to be the most boring short story ever.  I was extremely impressed and surprised to discover that I couldn’t turn off my Kindle until I read the last page…..and then I wanted to purchase the next one immediately!


Delilah’s Diary is about a young, inexperienced married woman who walks into her house unexpectedly one morning, to find her husband in bed with another woman.  It sounds very cliché, I know, but what unfolds after that is truly intriguing.  Delilah is met by rather interesting characters on her journey back to the single life.  After filing for divorce, she proceeds to get a makeover, go out on a night on the town with new friends, and then she begins travelling.


When I thought all the excitement of the story was over, I realized it was only just beginning.  From the lady on the bus, to the two homosexuals she met along the way, Delilah’s Diary was a very enjoyable read from beginning to end.


Here are a few excerpts from the story I wanted to share:



“It ain’t the end of the world, you know.  Just the end of the world you knew.”



Susan brushed a lock of my waist-length mouse-brown hair out of my eye. It was a grandmother’s gesture, and it made me feel better.



I couldn’t figure out how to handle them, if I should treat them like men, or women, or both, or neither…they seemed to be a complex amalgam of both genders, somehow, and it made my head spin.



“You’re the new you.”



“Why is everyone looking at me?” I whispered.

George answered.  “Number one, because you look fabulous.  And number two, because you’re with us, and we’re fabulous.”



“Shouldn’t we, like, mingle or something?” I asked.

George laughed.  “No way, honey.  We let them come to us.”



George scanned the crowd again, and this time pointed out a different man, taller, harder looking, with looser and more casual clothes.


“Now look at him,” George said, pointing discreetly with one finger from around his drink.  “See the way his clothes are a little big?  His jeans don’t hug his ass, which is a nice one, by the way.  And his nails are cut, but roughly.  He’s dreamy, but completely straight.  Look at his stance.  Feet apart, about shoulder width, one hand in his pocket and the other holding his beer.”



I lowered my hands down the ridges of his spine and the hard creases of muscle along his back.  Now I was touching him just above the waistband of his jeans.

Dare I?

Oh yes, I dared.



His body was chiselled from flesh-covered granite.



I can’t wait to read the second book in this series!  Hopefully my heart can take it….lol!



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