Erotic Romance: Why the Stigma?

Erotic Romance: Why the Stigma?

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Nudity and sexuality has been available in Penthouse and Playboy/Playgirl for decades, pornographic movies and pictures have existed for just as long, so why is there such a stigma behind erotic romance novels


Reading is a profound interest that enlivens the imagination and takes us to far away places we could never get to by watching or sometimes even living.  So why is it such a problem to broaden one’s horizons by reading erotic romance?


While we’re on the topic, why is there such a reputation received for the authors of such books?


Sex is a part of life just as much as anything else.  Everyone does it and as long as we’re all respectful of one another with regards to it, I don’t see how we can’t all accept the fact that we all have different tastes and interests.


Everyone has a choice in their buying decisions: I don’t like science fiction, therefore I don’t buy it.  I would never put down another author of science fiction just because I don’t care for the genre.


If you don’t like erotic romance, just don’t buy itIt’s that simple.  But don’t think erotic romance authors are any different than an author of any other genre.  We are respectful, we do what we enjoy doing and we want to share our enjoyment with others who enjoy it.


Do you agree?  Do you disagree?  Do you write and/or read erotic romance?  Have you discovered the stigma associated with it?




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5 thoughts on “Erotic Romance: Why the Stigma?

  1. mauramckeely

    I write it because I love it. I put my heart and soul into my erotic stories. It’s no different from any other genre and I don’t understand why erotica is looked down upon.

  2. Miss April Vance

    I WRITE PORN. Romance/Erotica is porn for women. I think we need to celebrate it, relish it, wallow in it. And if you’re not interested, don’t read and come to me complaining that you didn’t like the content.

    1. Post author

      I completely agree April. Same goes for just about anything. If you like it then enjoy it, but don’t judge others who like something you don’t, as long as they’re not hurting anyone, leave them alone.


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